mercoledì 20 aprile 2011

Twister graffiti sculpture

This sculpture is made by PVC (plastic) and polyurethane.
size 3,5x1,6x0,7 meters - 12x5,3x2,3 feet

Shown at 'Sparkle and Fade' Peeta solo exhibition at Pretty Portal Gallery in Düsseldorf, Germany

I utilized a professional 3D design program to create this
project. Having attended the Venetian Design University, this
projecting technique is derived from my formal university edu-
cation. In fact, I use the same program that I have employed
to design products for the production of my sculptures. This
software allows me to have a 3D view of the sculpture and,
at the same time, virtually cut out all the different surfaces of
my sculpture and consider them on a 2D plane. In this way,
I can perfectly understand shapes and sizes of any material
that I choose to build my sculpture. Subsequently, I cut the
PVC plates and assemble them together. The penultimate
step involves coating the PVC surface with a polyester layer
to mask imperfections resulting from the building process
and to impart singularity to the structure, rather than a colla-
ge of components. Finally, the sculpture is filled with polyu-
rethane to make it structurally sound.
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